Four months ago, the City of Cedar Rapids received approval to replace the 8th Avenue Bridge in downtown Cedar Rapids. Now, the city wants your input on what the new bridge should look like.

The current 8th Avenue Bridge, is 79-years-old, according to The Gazette. It's showing its age aesthetically and structurally as well. This past summer, concrete work was done on the bridge as well as repair of expansion joints, per KTIV.

In August, the Cedar Rapids City Council approved a contract for preliminary design for a new bridge, that would also be raised to protect it from floodwaters. Building a new 8th Avenue Bridge could cost up to $25 million, and the city wants your input on which of these four types of design you feel would be best:

You can look at more photos, and take the five-question survey HERE.

The replacement of the 8th Avenue Bridge is all part of the Cedar Rapids Flood Control System. You can look at the total plan presented in July below.