The COVID-19 pandemic has been incredibly hard on local businesses everywhere, and the Cedar Rapids area is certainly no different. That's why we're so glad to team up with the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance to support local businesses and arts & cultural attractions with the Rally C.A.P. promotion. Here's what it's all about.

The Rally C.A.P. promotion is to "Champion and Protect (C.A.P.) local businesses through pandemic economic recovery." Here's how you can help. You simply visit any of the participating businesses in the Cedar Rapids area and make a purchase(s).

When you make a purchase at any participating business, you'll receive a rally card. When you have five rally cards, you can get your own rally cap, like the one below:

Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance
Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance

The Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance is constantly adding businesses to the promotion. You can see the list of businesses participating HERE. And, as I said, they're continuing to add to the list so be sure to check back. If you own a local business and would like to take part, fill out the form HERE.

You'll also want to fill out the back of each rally card because that gets you entered to win prizes and more Rally C.A.P. swag.

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