According to KWWL, "Linn County Sheriff's Deputies responded to reports of a helicopter that crashed in a cornfield on Tuesday."

The incident happened on Tuesday, August 13 in rural Linn County near Highway 13. Flying the helicopter was pilot Cole Norton. Mr. Norton is a resident of Marion, and had Martin Brown with him as a passenger when the crash happened. Oddly enough, the report states that Norton was flying over an area where an airplane was forced to make an emergency landing back on August 10.

We have very limited details at this time, but it appears the helicopter experienced some kind of mechanical issues and had to make an emergency landing. The landing was successful, and there were no injuries reported.

There is now a full investigation going on by the Linn County Sheriff's Office and the Federal Aviation Association. To read the full story courtesy of KWWL, please visit this link.

We will continue to follow this story and provide updates as soon as we learn more information on the incident.

[Source of story: KWWL News]

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