April 7th is a great day, perhaps the greatest day in the month of April, because it's National Beer Day.

Beer is, and has been, the world's most widely consumed alcoholic drink. It's an easy choice, because it's delicious.


Scientists have been able to date beer as far back as 7,000 B.C. The Egyptians used it in religious ceremonies. In Medieval Europe, monks made beer in monasteries, bringing beer to more of an art form.

The only beverages that are consumed more than beer are Tea and Water, which for me, is most often untrue.

Nearly 35 billion gallons of beer are brewed annually worldwide.

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Beer is also the most popular drink at a bar, by a landslide:

  1. Beer (47%)
  2. Margarita (22%)
  3. Wine (17%)
  4. Cosmopolitan (6%)
  5. Gin & Tonic (5%)
  6. Champagne (3%)

Three Ways to Celebrate

  • Head to your favorite craft brewery
  • Tour a bigger brewery
  • Pick up a variety six pack of craft beers for yourself

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