Hairball played in Sioux City over the weekend at the Tyson Event Center. The band has always been known for an elaborate stage show and crazy pyrotechnics. But like any big touring rock show, accidents can happen.

As you will see in the clip, the person playing Paul Stanley accidentally catches his hair on fire. What's so crazy about this video is that the dude just keeps playing. He didn't even flinch!  Mad props to you, my friend.

I spoke on the phone this morning with Hairball manager Mike Findling. I asked if this was part of the show or if it was set up. He told me, "Jaymz, it would be very hard to set something like this up. It was an accident and our road crew did a great job of extinguishing the fire."

Check out the video for yourself. It was pretty cool...I'm just glad nobody got hurt!

The video is used courtesy of J Bishop and the J Bishop Youtube page.

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