Gyth Rigdon hit the stage during The Voice on Monday night (May 20), first pairing with his coach. Blake Shelton, and then stunning the audience with a cover of Shelton's musical hero, Earl Thomas Conley.

The Voice presented its Season 16 Top 4 finalists for America to vote on during Monday's show. Coach John Legend’s Maelyn Jarmon was the sole contestant not on Shelton's team. Meanwhile, Shelton's Rigdon, Dexter Roberts and Andrew Sevener represented (and dominated with) country vibes. All four performed three songs: A cover, a duet with their coach and an original song.

Rigdon may have sealed his place as America's darling last week, blowing the roof off with a daring song choice: Lee Greenwood's ultra-patriotic "God Bless the USA." So coming into the live finale, he had the confidence to pair up with Shelton on the freewheeling "Take It Easy" by the Eagles.

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Rigdon continued this breezy assurance, informing the audience that he was going to perform "Once in a Blue Moon" from Earl Thomas Conley, who died just last month.

"It's nerve-wracking enough to do your coach's song, but to do your coach's hero's song, that's turning the fire way up," Rigdon admitted, but noted that he has a connection to the song. "From the way I was raised from a single father, to meeting my wife, to becoming a musician, every now and then I 'do something right.' I hope to do right by them in this performance."

He certainly did do right by anyone who was listening, bringing a tear-jerking edge to the wistful song.  The coaches were kind. John Legend observed the song was a "difficult" one to perform. Kelly Clarkson sagely noted that just by choosing Conley's song, Rigdon had proved his country cred.

"The country music fan base is going to appreciate you doing this so much," Shelton approved. "The good thing about Gyth is I'm not afraid of any song for him to do as long as he's connected to it...He fits in with the new generation of country artists. He has that kind of connection with the fan base. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he wins this thing."

Tune in on Tuesday (May 21) to see which contestant will take home the entire season!

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