Sometimes a hilarious t-shirt will get you more attention than you ever imagined!

On Friday night, Blake Shelton stopped in Des Moines to play the Grandstand at the Iowa State Fair. Fans from all over the Midwest went to the concert, including two women here in Eastern Iowa who had an extra exciting experience!

Concert-goers were very excited to discover that Gwen Stefani made the trip to Iowa to be at the show with her new husband. She came out on stage to sing a couple of songs with Blake, but she also appeared to be doing a little sleuthing on Twitter backstage. At 11:10 p.m., Gwen Stefani retweeted a post that read, "I'm pretty sure @gwenstefani is searching 'Blake Shelton' right now." That's probably how she came across a photo of Eastern Iowans Danielle Ellis and Felicia Galli.

Danielle and Felicia went to Blake's concert on Friday night in a couple of homemade t-shirts. Felicia's read, "If found return to Blake Shelton," and Danielle's read, "My ideal weight is Blake Shelton on top of me." At 11:05 p.m., Gwen Stefani discovered a photo of the two ladies and made it her new profile photo on Twitter!


Not surprisingly, the photo got a LOT of attention. As of Sunday afternoon it had 360 retweets, 288 quote tweets, and 6,628 likes! I think it's safe to say that Gwen wasn't the only one to get a kick out of the shirts!

Danielle Ellis
Danielle Ellis

I asked Danielle where the inspiration for the shirts came from, and she said, "we were just searching the internet some Blake Shelton shirts that were funny and found both sayings and just went with it and made them." She added that a lot of people at the Iowa State Fair show were asking them if they could take photos of them. When they discovered that Gwen had noticed the photo and made it her profile picture, she told me, "we were in shock and dying laughing on the way home the whole way. We couldn’t believe that our picture blew up like that. I had people blowing up my phone saying, 'omg you guys are famous now.'" 

Danielle revealed to me that the concert was the best one that either of the ladies had ever been to. I'm sure it's even more memorable now! If Blake ever posts anything in response to the photo, we will be sure to let you know!

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