The Green Bay Packers, like every other NFL team, begin the season with hopes of winning a Super Bowl. But one of the Packer's top players will be competing at a different world championship later this summer.

Aaron Jones is one of the stars of the Green Bay backfield. The All-Pro running back is a fan favorite and one of the Packer's top runners of the past decade. But it turns out football is just one sport he excels at. Sports Illustrated reports that last Friday, Jones came in first place at the American Cornhole League preliminary tournament at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The win earned him a trip to the Superhole IV Championships later this summer!

SI reports that Jones and his playing partner, professional cornholer Yetty Irwin, one two matches on Friday to advance to the biggest event in professional cornhole. And you thought this was just a game played in backyards and barbeques! The pair became the seventh of what will be eight preliminary champions that will attend the world championship event in August.

USA Today reports that the cornhole championships come at a busy time for Jones and other Packer players. Green Bay opens training camp for the 2023-24 season on Wednesday, July 26th. Fortunately for Jones, the Packers have a scheduled off day on Friday, August 4th, the date of the cornhole championships. I have a feeling there will be plenty of GO PACK GO chants in South Carolina that night! While Jones would surely like a Super Bowl ring, a cornhole title might just come first!

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