The Girl Scouts are getting a new look, and it's even being designed by the pros.

The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City is putting together a new collection of options for the organization, with more functionality than the previous uniforms.

A newly designed and modernized sash with a hidden smartphone pocket, cargo skirts made from stretchier, comfier fabric, as well as some other little tweaks.

Three FIT class of 2020 students helped make the new collection. One designer, named Nidhi Bhasin, is a Girl Scout alum herself.

Bhasin, in an interview on the organization's website, said "We drew inspiration from the Girl Scout archives as well as current trends. The main focus was on styles that fit all body types and satisfy different style preferences. 'Everyday fashion' and comfort were also important considerations for us during the design process."

The new uniforms will have 18 interchangeable pieces for girls grade 6-12. The collection has stylish pieces, like a jean jacket and green skater skirt, and even has athleisure pieces, like drawstring joggers, a zip-up hoodie, and black leggings.

Wendy Lou, deputy chief revenue officer at Girl Scouts of the USA, said the designers had to make sure the pockets fit the largest size of iPhone.

This is the first redesign of the uniform in over 20 years.

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