2017 is the 10th anniversary of the Apple iPhone. Many of us have been waiting for word on what Apple would release in such an important year. Rumors have given way to some concrete facts that 2017 will see 3 new iPhones....and they'll cost you!

According to sources, the 3 new iPhones will be released this fall. Two will be improvements to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s. The other will be a different model, some are calling it the iPhone X, that will feature new and improved OLED screen technology. All three will have glass casing and feature wireless charging, a first for an iPhone.

With the improved technology and more expensive parts, will come a higher price. The expected price tag for the premium model X could top $1,000. Even if you pay for your phone per month like most of us do, that will definitely raise your bill!

If you have an update this year, get ready!


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