According to KCCI, plans are being finalized for a billion-dollar Apple data center in Waukee, Iowa.

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We originally told you about this plan back in August of 2017, when Apple was planning to build the beast of a facility on 2,000 acres just west of Waukee. The project, which WHO reported was expected to cost near $1.4 billion, has been named 'Project Morgan.' Despite creating 50 new jobs, progress on 'Project Morgan' has been slow until recently.

KCCI reports that the project got the approval of the Waukee Planning and Zoning Commission, now they just need Waukee City Council's approval. If that comes through we could actually see construction begin this year. Potentially even this spring. the Council will take a final vote next month.

Phase one of the project "includes building a data center, maintenance and administration buildings." Apple would get $207 million in economic incentives, including a more than $188 million tax abatement from the city of Waukee, according to WHO.
And to give back, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that he would "donate up to $100 million to a public improvement fund, with the first benefactor being the Waukee Youth Sports Campus."

If this gets approved next month, and the facility comes to fruition, the city hopes that larger companies will bring other projects to Waukee.

We always see development breeds other development and we fully anticipate as Apple begins to build out, there will be other like-minded businesses that will locate in the city," Brad Deets, assistant city manager of Waukee, told KCCI.

Sounds like it could be a good thing for everyone involved. We'll keep you up to date as more information becomes available.

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