It isn't that rare to find a Garth Brooks fan in the state of Iowa. What is special is when Garth Brooks says that he is a fan of YOU! That dream came true for an Iowa woman on an episode of Garth's 'Inside Studio G.'

Earlier this year, Indianola native and Simpson College student Maggie Peterson was at home with her parents watching basketball on TV. The Indianola Independent Advocate reports that at one point, Maggie decided to get out her phone and catch up with her favorite artist, Garth Brooks. She began to watch the latest episode of 'Inside Studio G', which Garth posts on his Facebook page every Monday night. After answering questions and chatting about upcoming plans, Garth then began to speak about finding new talent and stated that what you are about to see will be surprising.

They are not going to look like what you think they’re going to look like, They’re not going to sound like what you think they’re going to sound like. But when you hear them, you just go, ‘Holy cow!’

There was no way that Maggie or any Garth Brooks fan could be ready for what was about to happen next. The Advocate points out that this new talent that Garth was speaking about...was Maggie Peterson herself!

Facebook Live via Garth Brooks
Facebook Live via Garth Brooks

The Advocate reports that Maggie had sent in a video of her singing the Patsy Cline song 'Crazy' months ago, knowing that any response was a long shot. When she hadn't heard anything she figured she never would. But Garth has a way of surprising his fans, doesn't he? Garth praised Peterson's vibrato and called her pitch 'perfect.'

If you missed the 'Inside Studio G' episode that featured Maggie Peterson of Indianola, Iowa you can watch it HERE. Garth begins talking about Maggie at the 17-minute mark.

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