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Purchase Moore Hamann Bacon

October was National Pork Month, and in honor of that the Iowa Pork Producers Association teamed up with Iowa State University for a hilarious and internet-breaking partnership with several athletes.

Initially, the IPPA struck a NIL (name, image, likeness) deal with the following players Myles Purchase, Tyler Moore, Tommy Hamann, and Caleb Bacon.

If you put their last names side by side it reads, "Purchase Moore Hamann Bacon."

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Courtesy of the Iowa Pork Producers Association
Courtesy of the Iowa Pork Producers Association

“These four young men are not only great football players, they also have strong academic records, and great last names! We couldn’t be more excited to work with them in this fun initiative to publicize Iowa pork...” said the president of the Iowa Pork Producers Association, Trish Cook.

The image featuring the football players quickly went viral. It was viewed approximately 2.6 million times on X, according to reports.

“Food insecurity remains an issue for many people and we’re glad to partner with these Cyclone football players to help their local food pantries," the president of the organization said.

Now, another cook is in the kitchen so to speak.

New ISU Player Enters the Chat

The Iowa Pork Producers released a new commercial featuring the four initial ISU players from the deal. Towards the end of it, you can see a new player was added to the squad.

These four football players appear sort of confused on what to do after looking at the trunk of a car filled to the brim with pork products.

Linebacker Alec Cook steps in and says,

"Man, don’t worry, I got this.”

So, now it reads, "Cook Moore Hamann Bacon."

Watch the viral moment down below!

How Much Are These Players Making from the Deal?

The original players in the deal struck with the IPPA are being paid $2,000 each with the pork producers donating another $2,000 worth of pork products to food pantries in each player's hometown, according to reports.

Cook is getting a $1,000 payout with $1,000 in pork donations going to the Food Bank for the Heartland in Omaha.

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