Friday night, March 27th was supposed to be country concert night in downtown Cedar Rapids. That was the original date for the Justin Moore/Tracy Lawrence concert at the U.S. Cellular Center. That show was postponed like so many others due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. It has since been rescheduled for Wednesday, December, 2nd. But we want some Justin and Tracy music NOW!

On Friday's morning show, Brain and Courtlin and going to play a block of music from ONLY Justin Moore and Tracy Lawrence. It'll be like our own private concert starting just after 730! So what do YOU want to hear? Small Town USA? Why We Drink? If Heaven Weren't So Far Away? What Tracy Lawrence hits sound good? Alibis? Texas Tornado? Time Marches On? Let us know by commenting on what songs YOU want to hear!

We'll also be asking listeners to call in and do a special introduction to their favorite songs so stay tuned! We may have to wait until December for the real show, but we can still crank out plenty of Justin and Tracy Friday morning!

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