We sure do have a lot of game and reality show contestants here in Eastern Iowa!

According to a new article from The Cedar Rapids Gazette, local sisters Amal Alyassiri, Dahlia Latif, Sabrin Alyassiri and Latifah Alyassiri are going to be featured on a new episode of the show "Don't" tomorrow night on ABC. If you've never heard of "Don't," Wikipedia says it's "an American comedic physical game show that premiered on ABC on June 11, 2020," and that it "features teams of four trying to accomplish various tasks to win up to $100,000." It's hosted by Adam Scott, who you may know from the NBC sitcom Parks & Recreation, and it is executive produced by Ryan Reynolds.

This week's episode of "Don't" is aptly titled, "Don't Go Chasing Cedar Rapids." 36-year-old Amal Alyassiri, who participated in the show Naked and Afraid back in 2017, convinced her three sisters to join her for the game show, after seeing a post about auditions on a Facebook page she follows. After sending the producers an email, she and her sisters were called out to Atlanta for an audition. They were chosen and then filmed the episode in August of 2019.

We don't know much in terms of details about the episode, because the sisters were sworn to secrecy, but we do know that one sister was forced to eat a lot of hot peppers! We will get to see everything soon enough, though. The new episode will air Thursday, July 9th on ABC at 8 p.m. We hope our fellow Iowans did well and got to bring home some money!

You can read more from Amal Alyassiri's interview with The Gazette HERE.

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