Eventually, we're going to stop referring to Brock Purdy as a former Mr. Irrelevant. That title is reserved each year for the very last pick in the NFL Draft. It's a pick that very rarely makes a mark, or a team roster for that matter. But Purdy has proven himself to be a different story. He battled his way to the starting job in San Francisco. He has battled back from injury. And now he can say that he is officially in the NFL Hall of Fame!

Obviously, Purdy isn't an NFL Hall of Famer. His playing career has hopefully just begun. But a part of his uniform is already hanging in the Hall of Fame. The Des Moines Register reports that a pair of Purdy's cleats are currently on display at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The pair he wore in the week one win at Pittsburgh are sitting in Canton, Ohio. Why? The win by the 49ers made Purdy the first quarterback in NFL history to win his first 6 regular season starts.

But that wasn't even Purdy's first game worn item to be featured in the Hall of Fame! The Register reports that last season, his jersey was on display in Canton when he became the first quarterback to win his first three career starts!

From Mr. Irrelevant to the Hall of Fame. Not bad Purdy. Not bad at all. Purdy and the 49ers improved the 3-0 on the seasn with a 30-12 win over the New York Giants last night on Thursday Night Football. Purdy threw for 310 yards and two touchdowns in the victory. No word on if any of his equipment is being shipped to Canton.


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