Sometimes when things just don't stay in a certain location, you have to wonder what's wrong? Is it the physical location? Something wrong with the building? Or just plain bad luck? The old Chrome Horse Restaurant on Blairs Ferry Road in Cedar Rapids closed it's doors in 2018. I enjoyed the location, myself. It was close to home and they had great burgers and nachos. Fortunately, they still have their Newbo location. But we now know what is going in the old location, and potentially what was wrong with the old one!

CBS2 reports that the new owners of the old Chrome Horse building have plans to divide the building up into four separate units, and leased as retail space. Michael Gibbs of GLD Commercial told the Gazette, that the building is simply too big. Gibbs said that most restaurants today are looking for less than half of the space in the current building. So what will the new layout look like? Here is a rendering from GLD Commercial.

GLD Commercial
GLD Commercial

CBS2 reports that the plan for the new layout includes a drive-thru on the northside of the building, and then an outdoor patio along the south end of the structure. So does this mean that there will be at least two new restaurants at this location? So far GLD Commercial isn't commenting on who tenants might end up being.

Gone are the days of North Country Steak House, and Chrome Horse at this location. Here's hoping this new development brings some stability to this location along Blairs Ferry Road.

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