In 2008, our building had probably seven feet of water in the lobby. Much like the entire city, we were caught off guard. When power was turned off in the middle of the night eight-plus years ago, the station was also turned off. It took us nearly two days to get back on the air with temporary studios at CBS 2. Moving a radio station is a very difficult task, especially when you're not expecting to have to do it. It was weeks before normalcy returned to the station, and we returned to our studios. In 2008, admittedly, we were part of the story and unable to be the true helpers for you that we so desperately wanted to be.

Like the city, we've made improvements in the last eight years. We now have a backup generator in the upper reaches of our building where no water can ever touch it. And this time, like the city, we had days to prepare. When we first heard the projected crests we made plans to leave. Our friends at CBS 2 were willing to accommodate us again. Then the crest forecasts began to change. We began to believe we could stay. Just like our city and everyone who lives here, our resolve to win, this time, grew. We knew where the crest needed to be for us to be safe in our building. We're not going to get into specifics but obviously, 23-feet is within that comfort level.

You can't begin to imagine how blessed we feel to have been able to help you prepare for this flood. No matter what happens in the next few days, we're looking forward to helping you recover from it as well. We love this city and its residents. We've been a part of it and it a part of us since 1962. What we've seen from its citizens the last several days should make us all pull back our shoulders and stick out our chests a little bit more. 'We're from Cedar Rapids, Iowa!' Yes, we've had to wage major battles with the Cedar River twice in the last eight years and three months. However, no matter what happens over the next several days, we'll never let that river beat us. The citizens of this city have way too much pride, passion, and positivity to ever let that happen. 'We're from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.'

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