I'm going to assume that many of you are like me and like to give your pet kisses near their mouth. There are many animals where that is ok, like with cats, dogs, or maybe even bunnies. But, then there are pets you probably DON'T want to kiss on the mouth, like, oh I don't know... a SNAKE?

One guy in Florida found out the hard way that his pet snake does not love him back. 18-year-old Austin Hatfield captured a cottonmouth snake last week that he was keeping in a pillowcase at his girlfriend's house (mistake #1). Austin was bitten on the lip by the wild animal after he tried to KISS IT ON THE MOUTH (mistake #2). He was rushed to the hospital and was in critical condition, but luckily he is expected to make a full recovery.

I really have no idea what possessed him to make such a poor life decision, but I really hope he has learned his lesson.

See pictures of the incident HERE.

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