With Easter on the way, the candy aisles are filled with cheap marshmallow peeps and bunnies, inferior jelly beans and waxy chocolate eggs.

If you're going to invest the calories, you may as well indulge in the best.

The Chocolate Shop - Marion - Seriously, if you want good chocolate, REALLY GOOD chocolate, you don't have to go to Europe. Take a trip just up the road to Marion and visit the Chocolate Shop for out of this world fudge, toffee, caramels and truffles,

Sweets and Treats - Iowa City - This is the place for vintage candy, the stuff that takes you back to childhood: Necco wafers, Ice Cube chocolate, Slo-Poke suckers and tons more.

Scandy Sweets - Cedar Rapids and Coralville  - There's more to love than just chocolate and this Swedish candy store has it. It's a clean candy shop using no GMOs or high fructose corn syrup.

Lagomarcino's Fine Chocolates - Davenport, and Moline - Take a trip back in time to a store with over 100 years of confectioners' confidence. The original store in Moline now has a twin across the river in the East Village in Davenport.

The Shameless Chocoholic - LeClaire, IA - Since you're already behind the wheel you may as well make it a round trip with a drive up the Mississippi riverbank to LeClaire, IA for a shamelessly good time at this quaint candy shop. Or just check out their new location while you're in Moline.


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