On Valentine's Day, I always try and think a bit out of the box for that special gift. But one traditional gift that seems to work no matter what? Candy. Everyone has a bit of a sweet tooth, right? But what kind do you buy? Well, if most Iowans are any indication don't overspend on your holiday candy.

The folks at CandyStore.com just released their annual survey of the most popular Valentine's Day candy in each state. This survey has some serious data behind it too as it takes into account 12 years of candy sales! The most popular type of candy was the heart-shaped box of chocolates. It came in first place in 18 states. Conversation Hearts came in second, winning 14 states overall. But their popularity has suffered in recent years. They weren't sold last year, and this year's batch has seen plenty of errors.

But here in Iowa, we're a simple people. Our most popular Valentine's Day candy is...M&Ms in Valentine's Day colors. They were number one in Iowa and 7 other states too. They are also the fastest rising candy in popularity as well.

So get the special someone in your life something sweet this week!

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