When someone describes another person as "Minneosta Nice", it's code for someone who is pleasant to you face-to-face, but not so nice behind-your-back.

But what exactly is "Iowa Nice"? 

It's the exact opposite. "Iowa Nice" is the person who is way too helpful and often overly friendly...to a fault! Someone like my wife:

Isolated US Coins Pile

When paying in cash, my wife gives exact change to the penny. And even if she's counted it out five times - just to be sure - she will always still hand it over and politely say "I think that's correct..."


Here's another thing that makes someone "Iowa Nice". Insisting that everyone else go before you at the four way stop sign intersection. This comes complete with smiles and hand gestures as she waves you through, "go ahead, go ahead!"

Your mail

If you've ever wondered why you unexpectedly got a thank you card with a $25 gift certificate in the mail, chance are you let my wife cut in front of you at the supermarket check out lane last week.

Yes she is a shining example of Iowa Nice:


She will compliment any dinner dish put in front of her. She once actually said "I've been meaning to make eggplant casserole with turnips and parsley." Sure enough we had it on our dinner table the following week...because she wouldn't want to lie about something like that!

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

And its no wonder that every potluck dinner has a table full of extra desserts, because she cannot make too much food when it comes to bring-a-dish to pass.

That's Iowa Nice. And I love her for it!

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