It's been a crazy year. 2020 will forever be a year remembered for a pandemic, terrible political bickering, and general unease about the future. But what we should remember is how many good people are out there. And, how Iowa Nice has been well represented during these unique and challenging times.

A great example of Iowa Nice is on display nationally after a social media post about an incredibly kind offer from a University of Iowa professor went viral, getting nearly one million reactions. Her offer was also featured on Today and Good Morning America (video below).

It's the sweet story of Elizabeth Pearce, who simply goes by Liz. She's a professor in the communications department at Iowa, and she is doing something of note for Thanksgiving. She wants to feed any and all students, many of who she hasn't met due to digital learning, a Thanksgiving meal if they're stuck on campus due to the pandemic. Many of these students will miss out on seeing their families. Liz is offering to prepare and, with the help of her kids, deliver meals (socially distanced) to a student who requests a meal. There's even a vegan option for those who do not eat meat or animal products.

As sweet as that is, it's the fact Liz herself did not post her helping intentions, it was a student of hers who brought the generous offer to the publics' attention (post below the video). Liz, we salute you for representing all things Iowa Nice.

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