"Iowa nice" is definitely a real thing!

Just two weeks ago, a devastating derecho blew its way through Iowa. It impacted cities and towns all over the state, especially here in Linn County. Tree debris covered roads and houses, power lines were on the ground, car windows were smashed, and roofs were destroyed, but Iowans immediately got to work. Just hours later, neighbors began helping neighbors with everything from clean-up to repairs to meals. There is still a ton of work to be done, but in the last two weeks, Iowans have proved that there is no disaster that can crush our spirit.

Last week, we shared a video montage from early in the recovery process courtesy of Iowa News Now's Mitch Fick (you can view that HERE). He had Eastern Iowans send in photos and videos of people being "Iowa nice" to help showcase how resilient we really are. Now a new video has emerged, this time from a woman by the name of Kristen Beasler.

Kristen uploaded her homemade video to Facebook yesterday (Monday, August 24th) on the two-week anniversary of the derecho. In it, she uses photos and videos to outline all the local businesses who have offered community support during this difficult time. The caption reads:

"Take a few moments to breathe and take in the absolutely amazing peeps, businesses, and organizations that rallied for our communities."

Check out the amazing video below!

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