It's hard to imagine there are people who haven't seen the classic "Field of Dreams" movie, but there seems to be renewed interest in the all-time favorite thanks to the first-ever Major League Baseball game held there last week.

Iowa's News Now reports that sales of the 1989 hit starring Kevin Costner have gone through the roof. Amazon reports that in its sales rankings, "Field of Dreams" on Blu-Ray normally sits in the 3500s. It was number 6 on their recent charts as of last Friday.

Five different versions of the film were in the Top 15, and for good measure, a couple of other Costner flicks shot up the list as a bonus. "For Love of the Game" and "Perfect World" were in the Top 10.

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Last Thursday's contest between the Yankees and White Sox was the most-watched regular-season major league baseball game in 16 years, so a return next year was a no-brainer. It was just announced the Cubs and Reds will take to that legendary field on August 11, 2022. There is also word of a new "Field of Dreams" television series on the streaming network Peacock.

It appears that while committing to a return next year, there has been no official announcement that the pro game held on the famous movie site will indeed be an annual event. It certainly looks like a strong possibility as families continue to connect with the nostalgia.

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