As contractors and roofing companies all across the area continue to battle the countdown to cold weather as the days also grow shorter, some good news has arrived from the Climate Prediction Center.

The extended forecast for the month of October shows an increased likelihood of above-normal temperatures for the entire state of Iowa. The best chance of those temperatures being warmer than normal is across the western two-thirds of the state. See the graphic below.

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It also appears very likely the month of October will be a dry one across the central part of the nation with a large area expected to be drier-than-normal. All of Nebraska, along with nearly all of Iowa, Kansas, and several other states are expected to be dry (graphic below).

The outlook for the final three months of the year also looks warmer than normal for all of the contiguous 48 states. The northern half of the U.S. and the extreme east coast are all expected to see near-normal precipitation levels for October, November, and December.

An overall warm, dry October will have to wait. Unseasonably cold temperatures are forecast heading into the weekend, including a frost advisory for most of Iowa Thursday night, October 1.


This weekend, highs are only expected to be in the low to mid-50s. Some chilly rain could also fall on Saturday. However, by this time next week temperatures are expected to be around 70 degrees for highs. I'll be looking forward to that, as will contractors and homeowners.

Temperature and Precipitation Outlook for October through December 2020

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