When a restaurant chain suffers an E-Coli outbreak, serious steps need to be taken Chipotle Mexican Grill is continuing to do just that. With the outbreak seemingly over, Chipotle is closing ALL of it's restaurants today from 11am to 3pm for a nationwide meeting on food safety. That includes the location at Lindale Mall in Cedar Rapids.

Chipotle CEO Steve Ells will even speak and field questions from employees. The meeting will be live on Twitter and Periscope. Basically, Chipotle wants you to know that that they take food safety seriously, and that they want you to continue to eat at their places of business. The fast food chain implemented a new food safety program in January. It includes DNA testing of ingredients before they're shipped to restaurants, and encouraging employees to stay home when they'r sick.

The Centers for Disease Control announced recently that the E-Coli outbreak that hit Chipotle in July appears to be over.


[via CNN]