It the midst of one of the longest sub zero stretches of weather in Iowa history, I sat on my couch this weekend and Googled questions like, "how many times should my furnace run per hour?" After this many days of temperatures below zero, you start to worry about things like that. But after the coldest Valentines Day ever, there is relief on the way. Just not today.

Our friends at CBS2 remind us that a Wind Chill Warning continues through noon today with readings as low as 30 below. Most school districts are running two hours late due to the cold this morning. Highs, if you really can call them that, will reach perhaps 1 today. If we're lucky. But this is where the good news begins!

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Tuesday should be the first day this week where we see highs above zero! Wednesday should see highs in the double digits! And by the weekend, we could see high temperatures in the upper 20's! That will seem almost tropical compared to what we've had to deal with so far in February.

via CBS2
via CBS2

Plus, the forecast for the rest of this week is also missing something else. Snow. The other thing we certainly do NOT need more of right now. So hang in there a few more days. Keep saying nice things to your furnace to make sure it still works. Mentally prepare yourself for your next cycle of utility bills. And lets look forward to some warmer weather. Finally!


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