Getting our kids to eat healthy is an ongoing struggle. Let's face it, foods that aren't as good for you are easier to fix. Not to mention cheaper to buy. But making sure your kids eat their fruits and vegetables is just the start. Here are some easy ways to help instill healthy eating habits in your kids.

  • Let them serve themselves. Doing this, even when they're young, helps them learn portion control and also encourages them to try new foods.
  • Put the electronics away while they eat. A new study found that distracted eating will cause you to consume more calories.
  • Use smaller plates and bowls. It works for adults and works even better for kids. Children will eat up to 16% more with a larger plate or bowl.
  • Don't reward them with unhealthy foods. Dads we're looking at you. A study found that dads are more likely than moms to do this.

It won't always be easy and not everything will work all the time. But don't give up on your kids eating healthy. Their future depends on it!


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