When it comes to cooking, it's easy to screw something up!

I'm not the best cook in the world, but I can usually throw something edible together when I'm preparing my lunches for the week. Not this week, though. I was baking some chicken and veggies on Sunday night, but my usual chicken seasoning was looking a little too clumpy. I found another seasoning in my cupboard that I know I've used before, so I dumped it all over the food and stuck it in the oven. Big mistake.

I realized the reason I haven't used this seasoning is because it's incredibly salty. So salty, in fact, that it made my mouth burn when I took a bite on Monday. I ended up having to throw away all my prepared meals!

Although this wasn't my finest cooking moment, it's certainly not my WORST. I once almost set a hotel on fire trying to bake cookies in the microwave, but that's a story for a different time. Right now we want to hear your stories! We asked listeners to tell us about the biggest mistakes they've made in the kitchen. Here are some of the hilarious stories:

  • Cheryl Landis - "I made a recipe that had sriracha in it. I wanted to double the sauce ingredients, so... double the amount of sriracha, right? WRONG!!!!!
    When it was done, I leaned down to smell it and burned my nose hairs out! Someone else was brave enough to taste it.....lucky they didn’t end up at the burn unit!! Less is more when sriracha is involved!"
  • Julie Rodgers - "I was boiling eggs and fell asleep... woke up to a loud bang and ran to the kitchen - found egg all over the walls and ceiling and counters. 8 eggs literally exploded."
  • Virginia Clayton Roudabush - "My Mom kindly brought dinner over for my family, said she left tuna salad, jello, etc. in my fridge. So, the family sets the table, gets out bread, etc. I open the fridge to take out mom's Tupperware containers, but only find one, the jello. We look in the garage fridge for the tuna. I call mom to see if she forgot it. Nope. It was in the jello. She mixed tuna salad into lemon jello. I wish I had a picture of teenagers staring into that bowl. Hubby offered $5 to anyone who would taste it. Only one did. (While I ordered pizza.)"
  • Joellen Beitz - "I was making a cake from scratch and instead if a teaspoon of baking powder I put a tablespoon of baking powder in. And it exploded in the oven."
  • Nicole Paul - "The first batch of sugar cookies I ever made on my own was when I was around 9 or 10. It said to use a dash of salt! At 10 years old, I was clueless what a dash meant, so above it said 2 cups! Needless to say, they ended up being salt cookies! The best part was my dad was the first to try them and he tried being so nice about it, but very quickly found his way to the trash can! We then decide to tell my sister we made a new batch (which we didn’t). She was so mad!"
  • Dwight Oehlerich - "Out of tomato sauce to make pizza sauce. Tried subbing ketchup. It’s good, right? OMG. Not as pizza sauce. Spit out the one bite I took and threw the pizza away!"
  • Dawn Lammers - "I tried to cook roasted marshmallows in my bed with a lighter. I caught the marshmallow on fire, got scared, dropped it, and caught my bed on fire."
  • Katie Romig - "I'm a good cook, but once in awhile mess up. Who doesn't? I was making meatloaf and was out of fresh onion. I grabbed what I thought was minced onion and added around a fourth of a cup. When I pulled it out of the oven I thought it smelled kinda garlicky but was in a hurry and served it up. When my family took our first bites we were all very surprised by the very overwhelming taste of garlic. I had added minced garlic instead of onion. We couldn't eat it and I had to throw it all away."
  • Nanci Dietiker-Paulsen - "I’ve gotten better over the past 50 years of marriage but... when 1st married my husband wanted goulash for supper. So, like a good wife to please husband I made it. It turned into a big glob of starchy noodles stuck to the spoon. I put a lid on it and made hamburgers. When hubby came home he said where is the goulash. I showed him and threw it over the back fence. The next morning our horse Tiger was dead. It’s been a joke all these years that it’s a good thing my husband didn’t eat any."
  • Cierra Rae - "I was probably 13 or so and wanted to make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving by myself. I was so proud of myself when I did it. My dad cut a piece and took a bite and I knew immediately I had messed up something. He told me I had switched the salt and sugar measurements. My pie was all salt and no sugar. To this day I'm "banned" from making pumpkin pie for family holidays... 20 years later."

Do you have a story about why you're a "bad" cook? Share it with us in the comments!


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