In a little over a month, 2019 will be over, and we will officially kickoff the 2020s. How crazy is that?!

Another decade has gone by, and in honor of that, people on social media have begun to share their 10-year "transformations." It's a super simple challenge. All you have to do is choose a photo of yourself from the year 2010 and put it right next to a recent photo of yourself from 2019.

Facebook was already popular back in 2010, so it wasn't difficult for us here at the radio station to locate our 10-year-old photos! After looking through a bunch of my old pictures, I think I look almost exactly the same as I do now. I was just much skinnier and much less tired-looking. Ah, to be 19 again...

Cory John

The old photo I chose was from October of 2010. I was 19-years-old and in my first few months of "radio school" at the Specs Howards School of Broadcast Arts in Michigan. 10-years-later I'm in Iowa doing my own morning show and drinking a beer at Adventureland Oktoberfest. It's funny how things work out.

We put out the call to other DJs here at the radio station and listeners here in Eastern Iowa and asked them to show off their 10-year transformations. Here are some of the submissions:

Share your 10-year transformation photo with us in the comments below!