Dare I say it's been a pretty easy winter in eastern Iowa. That's going to be changing this week, but thankfully only for a short time.

Wednesday afternoon, snow is on its way. Now, don't panic. This isn't going to be snow that brings the area to a standstill. Just a nuisance with snow totals of one to four inches according to our news partner, CBS 2 Iowa's News Now. What comes next is cold like we haven't seen all winter.

Thursday is going to be a cold one with temperatures only forecast to climb to around 10 degrees. When we wake up across eastern Iowa Friday morning, it's expected to be around 15 degrees below zero. That would make it the coldest morning of the winter. The coldest low temperature in Cedar Rapids so far was January 21 when we hit 7 below.

The great news is the cold will be short-lived. After struggling to reach the teens Friday, we'll be above freezing by Saturday and possibly even into the 40s by the beginning of next week. Want even more good news? Next Monday, we'll be only 31 days from the official start of Spring.

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