High school football has officially returned in the state of Iowa and after week 1, this school already has more wins than the two previous seasons combined. This school in eastern Iowa has been through a tough stretch going all the way back to 2019.

Congratulations to the Jefferson J-Hawks as they have put a W in the win column after coming off of two back-to-back 0-9 seasons.  The team has a group of older students to thank for believing that they could finally get over the hump.

According to KCRG, the Jefferson J-Hawks pulled out a victory, in their week 1 matchup, against the Muscatine Muskies. The J-Hawks snapped their 26-game losing streak in pretty convincing fashion, taking home their season opener with a score of 33-24. This is the team's first win dating back to October 25, 2019.

Head Coach Ed Miles spoke with KCRG and he's happy with the direction that the program is headed. He said

I like the way the direction of the program is going. I feel like we have a solid foundation. We're implementing new things with our strength and conditioning, and there's accountability. One thing about this senior class is we have some very, very good leadership.

Senior Quarterback, Jeremiah Peiffer, also spoke to KCRG and he said the guys have put in a lot of work this offseason. He said

We worked all offseason and we worked our butts off. We've all stuck together and we're holding each other accountable.

It's been tough for some of these seniors as players have left the team over the years due to the team struggling but this group believes they feel more like a family. You can tell this group wants to help jumpstart an improvement to Jefferson's football program.

Head Coach Ed Miles is a former Iowa Hawkeye and NFL linebacker. He's brought in some fellow big guns on the Jefferson coaching staff. He's brought in former Hawkeye running back Jermelle Lewis and a former Super Bowl champion, Adrian Arington. His players appear to be pretty excited as they now are learning from some of the best players in the world.

Sophomore Wide Receiver, LJ Nyenow, told KCRG,

I'm very excited to learn from the best of the best. People who've made it to the league, and have been at all three levels.

Hopefully, this is only the beginning for the Jefferson J-Hawks and they can continue to add more wins to their schedule for 2023. Good luck boys!

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