When you think of donating to an animal rescue or rehabilitation center you think of donating things like pet beds, food, bowls...stuff like that. But, bras?

Apparently, bras can come in handy when it comes to helping turtles. According to KCRG-TV9,  Wildthunder Wildlife & Animal Rehabilitation & Sanctuary in Independence uses the clasps on bras and zip ties to heal broken turtle shells. The animal rehab posted to their Facebook page last week asking for donations and it blew up!

The post quickly went viral with thousands of shares and the sanctuary is still getting "boxes of bras every day from 17 states". They aren't just getting attention from folks here in the U.S. either, people from Canada and the United Kingdom have reached out to help as well.

The shelter says that there is currently only one turtle in need of old bra straps, but they will be keeping some of the donations for future use and giving the rest to other rehabilitation centers. Who knew those old bras could be good for something!

Want to donate an old bra to a turtle in need? You can send your donation to 2584 Henley Ave. Independence, Iowa. 50644. They are also accepting donations of flat sheets, bath towels, non-clumping clay cat litter, and medical supplies.

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