If you live or work near the downtown Cedar Rapids area, you know all about the e-scooters. Well, you at least see them. I'm simply amazed on my way into work, most times before 4 in the morning, at where these scooters are left. On the sidewalk. Sometimes in the street. Tipped over and left for dead, the battery at least. And as you might have imagined, the increased number of scooters in the area has also led to an increase in severe traumatic injuries.

Dr. Matthew Aucutt is the emergency department medical director at Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids. He told KCRG that trauma injuries normally rise during the summer months. But now, with the addition of more of the e-scooters, Aucutt says that the ER has seen a large increase in scooter related injuries, something that they never used to see in the emergency room.

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Dr. Aucutt told KCRG that it appears that many people who are using the e-scooters are not experienced riders. Add in some alcohol and a lack of safety equipment while riding and you've got a recipe for some serious injuries. Aucutt says that the most of the injuries are minor, but they still see more serious cases like broken bones and head injuries.

Listen, I get it. It's summertime. You want to get back outside and have some fun with your friends. Those scooters look like a ton of fun. But remember that you need to take safety as seriously as your are having fun. Unless we want the city to take away the 'scoot scoots', ride safely folks.


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