Hopefully, your kids brought home a huge candy haul from last night's Halloween trick-or-treating, but now comes the most important part of all... making sure all that candy is safe. Unfortunately, more candy is being laced with drugs like marijuana and methamphetamine, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency. Here's what you can do.

The DEA in Omaha says the candies that are most likely to have drugs added to them are suckers, gummies, and chocolates.

Some of these candies may have labels that mention the use of drugs or marijuana. In 2017, here are some of the candies the DEA actually found: "Twixed," "Keef Kat," "Rasta Reese's," "3 Rastateers," and "Munchy Way." They all included marijuana.

Other things to watch for are an unusual look to the packaging, odd smells, or colors, and wrappers that aren't labeled properly. And be sure to look for any small punctures in the packaging.

If you have the slightest inclination that something might be wrong with it, throw it away. It's not worth taking a chance when it comes to your kids.

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