An energy-efficiency project to improve the look and increase the safety of downtown Cedar Rapids continues, as work on installing LED lighting continues.

The project, in the long run, is projected to CUT the city's lighting bill.

It's estimated the new lights will cut the cost from $180,500 to $91,000 and the number of street lamp posts will be cut from 879 to 489. The estimated cost of the project is $5 million, but it's a better deal in the long run because LED is cheaper and more effective to operate.

That $5 million is actually LESS than what the city council budgeted for it, at $6.3 million so we're seeing the cost-effectiveness already, according to experts.

The city pays for construction and Alliant will install and do maintenance.

You'll see this going up in phases, year-round until it is done, which is expected to be in 2021. Work started in 2018, and areas still needing the installation done include 3rd St. SE from 1st Ave. East to 4th Ave. SE and 3rd Ave from 1st St. SE to the 4th Ave railroad crossing.

The consistency in appearance and cost-effectiveness will add vibrancy and safety to downtown, according to the Downtown District director Jesse Thoeming.


[Via Gazette]

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