I grew up on a farm just north of Anamosa. One of my farm memories is helping my dad haul up those big, round, hay bales that you see in fields across the countryside. My dad would be out bailing them, and I would take our other tractor with tines on the front and haul them up from the field.

There is a reason that you use a tractor to haul round bales. They are heavy. One can weigh up to 1500 pounds. Compare that to the average square bale at around 50 pounds. You always had to use a tractor to move one. So when I saw this video on social media this week, I was amazed. Amazed that this guy is alive! Imagine trying to jump one of these 1500 pound bales as it rolls quickly towards you!


This guy is lucky that he just got the wind knocked out of him! Kids, don't try that one at home. Leave the hay bales alone, please.

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