In honor of the upcoming Insane Inflatable 5k sponsored by GoDaddy, we are helping you get prepared with a list of the best foods to eat before a run!

It's pretty obvious that you should avoid foods like French fries and nachos before running (trust me, I know), but there are some foods that you SHOULD be eating before you put on your Nikes. Here's a list of them:

  • Oranges - They quench your thirst AND provide you with all your daily vitamin C. They are best before a short run. Stick with the fruit, though, not orange juice, because the juice supplies a lot of carbs that can upset your stomach.
  • Apple sauce/Pudding - They are easy to digest and have very little fiber. Pudding also supplies calcium. If you choose applesauce, get one with no added sugar, because you get half the calories.
  • Cereal - Avoid any cereals with high fiber, because they can cause stomach issues. Top it with strawberries or bananas for extra vitamins.
  • Iced coffee - Frappuccinos, iced lattes, and other cold coffee beverages provide hydration and caffeine, which can help you focus and delay muscle fatigue. From Starbucks, try ordering a tall (small) unsweetened Frapp with fat-free milk, no whipped cream.

See the full list of the best foods to eat before a run HERE.

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