I was driving along the big shopping strip in Coralville the other day, and I realized there was something missing. Maybe not missing from an Iowan's perspective, but to someone who recently moved from Louisiana, there is definitely at least one type of store that just isn't anywhere to be found in the Hawkeye state. What is it you ask?

Drive-thru daiquiri shops.

Yes..the frozen alcoholic blended beverage is sold in kiosk type stores all over my hometown by being simply passed through a small window into your waiting, driving hands. Nearly every store has some sort of special. Two for one day, extra shot day, buy a daiquiri get three cherry bombs, booze booze and more booze...all available at a drive through window.

How, you may ask, do they keep people from breaking the law by having an open container of slushy hooch riding in their lap? Well, its easy. The honor system and cellophane tape. You see, once they top off a giant Styrofoam cup with Hurricane, Sex On The Beach, or Liquid Cocaine (daiquiri flavors), they cover the cup with a normal plastic lid, place a paper wrapped straw on the top of the lid, then tape the straw to the lid.

That's pretty much it. Foolproof, right?

So, who's with me? Who wants to get a few drive-thru daiquiri shops going on around town? I know we'd make a killing on game days!

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