The picture above is beautiful, don't you think? Now, imagine that tree upside down in your house. Believe it or not, it's a thing this holiday season. No, unfortunately, the picture below is not turned on its top. The tree really is hanging from the ceiling.

Many of these upside down trees are designed to be in a special stand (below). Call me old school (I prefer traditional) but this thing looks like a tornado, not a Christmas tree, and they're HOW MUCH?!

According to WHO, they don't all cost that much. Prices start at $150. Target sells them from $272 to $685.

Now, imagine my surprise when I learned that upside down Christmas trees have been a thing in Eastern and Central Europe for a very long time. According to The Spruce, Christmas trees were being hung, upside down, from ceilings as far back as the 12th century.

The more I think about it, this might actually be an ingenious idea. Our cat, Charlie, jumped into our tree last year and knocked it over. Oh, he looks innocent, but he's anything but. Maybe, just maybe, this could work after all...

Charlie/Bob James
Charlie/Bob James

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