For the second time this year, a dive team specializing in locating missing persons is in Iowa, trying to find a central Iowa man. This is an especially difficult case.

The family of Harry Milligan is searching for answers, and they've been looking for a very long time.

Iowa Cold Cases
Harry Milligan/Iowa Cold Cases

July 1, 1984. That was the day Harry Milligan, who was 21 and a Marine Corps reservist at the time, was last seen. He visited the public library in downtown Albia, in Monroe County, in south central Iowa. Milligan reportedly went out with three friends that evening. They claim they dropped him off at his vehicle in the middle of the night the following morning and that he was going to drive his 1977 maroon Pontiac Grand Prix back home. Harry Milligan's brother, Mark, isn't so sure. He told KTVO,

“I want to believe them. You know, I want to believe his friends and that it is the honest truth of what happened. The more I have looked at the thing over 38 years, I have less and less faith that it is the truth.”

Mark Milligan was with his grandparents from the age of 2 and was adopted at 18. Harry was adopted by Mark's grandparents when he was just a few months old. Iowa Cold Cases reports that Mark told Dateline, "That's how me and Harry became brothers. We don't know who Harry's birth father or mother is."

Nearly four decades after his brother's disappearance, Mark Milligan just wants to find his brother. He started a Facebook page called "Harry Dennis Milligan: Still Missing (My Brother's Story). That page caught the attention of Chaos Drivers

Chaos Divers is based in Illinois, and though they started just three years ago, they've recovered the remains of 11 different missing persons. They vow that if they don't find your loved one, they'll be back. That's exactly what they've done in Albia. After visiting the community in June, they're back searching other bodies of water. We hope they can find answers for the family. Ones they've been looking for for nearly four decades.

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