We hear it time and again. Don't take your eyes off the road. Don't drive distracted. Pay attention when you're behind the wheel. This video reminds us why that's so vitally important.

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Iowa Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Enforcement posted a new video that is simply chilling. It shows a driver on I-80 near West Branch traveling at night. In the 19-second video, the person behind the wheel is going 65 miles per hour. That means the driver covers just over a 3rd of a mile in 19 seconds.

During the video, the driver appears to be fully engrossed in something on their dashboard. They seem to only glance at the roadway occasionally. Then, what happens? The driver sees a disabled semi across the roadway literally a millisecond before he crashes into it, at 65 miles per hour.

As Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement states in the post, "We preach not to drive distracted. We preach that you need to pay attention to the road. We preach that you never know what may pop up in front of you on the road."

Both the driver of the disabled semi and the driver you see in the video below walked away with only minor injuries. I think they both may have an angel sitting on their shoulder at the moment of impact.

Please keep distractions to a minimum and your eyes on the road. The next type of incident like this likely won't have as favorable of an outcome.

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