For this week's Counseling Corner, we are going to address as issue that has been ALL OVER the news the past week. Also, for the first time ever we are doing a Counseling Corner without a letter.  We are still looking for the listener response for this topic.  As we alwas say "YOU drive this segment and we merely facilitate the discussion until the end."We wanted to discuss the topic of child punishment this week.  It's a topic that has been all over the news and sports for obvious reasons and obvious people that we don't need to necessarily name.  But what we want to bring to the forefront is "how do you discipline your kids?"  "How much is too much?"  Some parents chose to spank their kids and others will tell you they would never think of doing such a thing.  Does it only matter how or where you were raised?  Does age matter?  Does the punishment have to fit the crime?

We are opening the phones and taking your comments online today as usual and look foward to hear what you have to say.  Welcome into the Counseling Corner.

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