A mom in Italy is getting a lot of attention after she wrote a letter in response to her 13-year-old son's bad behavior, and posted the letter on her Facebook page.

Heidi Johnson is a mom who was tired of "being a doormat," and decided to take action. Her son Aaron has made some money off of his YouTube videos, and because of that he felt like he didn't have to follow her rules. This was Heidi's response to him, which she posted on her Facebook page:

Hey Folks! If you are even the least bit curious about the background of this letter, here is a link to what lead up to...

Posted by Heidi Johnson on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Heidi says that the picture was posted publicly "on accident," and that it was supposed to be only for family and friends. Many parents are very supportive of Heidi's parenting choices, and think the letter was a good decision, but many think she is "shaming" her son and that she is a bad parent. To see Heidi's response to her critics, click HERE.

What do you think? Was this letter a good idea or a bad idea? Should Heidi have posted it on Facebook or not? Share your opinion below!

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