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I recently came across an article from Love Food that outlines the best late-night restaurant in each state, and I was curious to see what the pick was for Iowa. Here in the Cedar Rapids area, late night food options are virtually non-existent (aside from the Perkins on Collins Road). Big college towns like Iowa City typically have more restaurants that stay open past midnight, but it wasn't an Iowa City eatery that was ranked number one. It was actually a place over in Des Moines!

Using reviews, awards, and first-hand experiences, the team at Love Food determined that Lina's Mexican Restaurant is the best late-night restaurant in the state of Iowa. Located at 1221 Keosauqua Way, the eatery is a very convenient option thanks to its 24-hour drive-thru! The article reads:

"Open 24 hours and with a drive-thru, Lina's Mexican Restaurant is the spot to head to for out of hours Mexican food. It prides itself on traditional Mexican dishes made in house, from enchilada-style burritos and chimichanga to tacos and sopes (a little like a Mexican pizza). There's also a menu of traditional Mexican drinks."

Other items on Lina's extensive menu include tortas, mini tacos, tamales, fajitas, tostadas, nachos, and quesadillas. And don't forget the breakfast options! The restaurant offers a variety of breakfast burritos, a Spanish omelette, huevos rancheros, and meat platters with eggs, rice, and beans.

Lina's Mexican Restaurant has a 4-star rating on Google and 4.2-stars on Facebook. You may want to check it out the next time you're out late in Des Moines! I just wish one of our awesome Cedar Rapids Mexican restaurants would consider staying open late...

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