A California man is claiming that KFC served him a deep-fried rat, but KFC begs to differ.

25-year-old Devorise Dixon posted a photo to Facebook of an oddly-shaped piece of fried chicken that he got in a 3-piece-meal from KFC. The piece of chicken seems to be in the shape of a rat, tail and all. Dixon said that he bit into the piece of meat and that it had a rubbery texture. When he returned it to the KFC location, he said that they agreed it was a rat and offered him a free meal.

Not surprisingly, KFC is not too happy about his accusations. They zoomed in on the photo and claim that it is just an oddly-shaped piece of chicken, and that it is still made of 100% white meat. They are also saying that Dixon is refusing to cooperate with the investigation and has not communicated with them himself or via an attorney.

KFC released a statement saying, "A customer has made a serious claim against KFC and refuses to cooperate in the investigation. Based on this, and the fact that he refuses to allow anyone to see the product, we are left to believe that he intended to deceive the public with this hoax and we are considering all options."

Here is a picture of the supposed "rat:"

What do you think? Is this guy just trying to make a quick buck? Or do you really think this is a rat?
Personally, I think this is a ploy for attention and a money grab. If he won't hand it over to be examined, that's a little bit fishy! If this happened to me and I really thought it was a rat, I would hand it over to be looked at IMMEDIATELY!

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