If the only place you'd ever lived was California, then chances are you don't really know a lot about what it's like to live here in Iowa. Unless you'd visited or had relatives here, how could you? Life on the West Coast is just a little bit different than life here in the Midwest. The Des Moines Register reports that Matthew Andrews and his wife are planning on moving from Cali to Iowa and Andrews was curious about what he needed to know about his soon-to-be new home. So, he asked Twitter to tell him about Iowa.

As you might imagine, Andrews was greeted with over 1,000 responses from advice on everything from how to dress to what to eat. The Des Moines Register reports that Andrews even got DMs inviting him to go out to eat or attend a poetry reading. He called it another example of 'Midwestern Nice'.

Andrews and his wife will make their 1700-mile trek from California to Ankeny, Iowa at the end of the month, according to the Register. They've been considering the move for a while now, in part to be closer to his wife's relatives and to lower their cost of living. Of living in California, Andrews said that it "feels like a rat race. We can move and we don't have to kill ourselves for what it costs to live comfortably".

Here are some of the replies with advice that Andrews received on Twitter.

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