How do I even begin this? I've been doing the midday show on 98.1 KHAK for 5 years, and now I'll be saying goodbye to the on-air life.

For those of you who don't know, I also am the station's Digital Managing Editor. That means I handle everything from website maintenance and social media management to content creation (and everything in between.) Basically, if it's digital, I'm on it. Along with my DME role, I've also been a voice on the air during the workday from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. That's all about to change.

I've accepted a new regional position with our company (Townsquare Media.) I'll be doing the "digital stuff" on a larger scale working with multiple markets in our footprint. While I'm SUPER excited about my new role, I'm bummed to be leaving a place I've called home for over 5 years. The KHAK crew has become family, and I'll miss all of our fun, exciting, weird times together.

Some of my favorite moments involve "Who in the KHawk Crew" conversations, and Taste Bud Trivia with Brain and Courtlin (thanks for being my guinea pigs guys!)...

Or when I came up with jokes for them to tell each other on 'Tell a Joke Day.' Whoever laughed lost.

And when we did the Chubby Bunny Challenge.

Laughs are a daily thing with this bunch--I'll miss that. The good news is, I'm growing WITH the company, so I'll still be around. You just won't hear me on the airwaves during the workday. It's been an incredible experience. Thank you so much for tuning in over the years. I'll not only miss my K-Hawk crew but all of our listeners too. K-Hawk listeners are THE BEST!

My last day on the air will be this Thursday, May 26. Jess will be taking my time slot. She's great! While I look forward to the future, I'll leave you with a trip down memory lane to some of my favorite times on 98.1 KHAK.

Some of Danielle's Favorite Moments on 98.1 KHAK

As Danielle says goodbye to 98.1 KHAK middays, we take a look back at some of her favorite moments.

Thanks for the ride K-Hawk country! 💗

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