As a player, it's one of the things you fear most. Injuring a fan at a game with a foul ball. Unfortunately, it became reality Wednesday night in Houston when Cubs center fielder Albert Almora, Jr. hit a line drive into the seats down the third base line, beyond the Cubs dugout. The ball struck a young girl in the stands, who is reportedly just four-years-old. Warning: Though this video does not show the girl being hit, it is still not easy to watch.

As Almora returned to the dugout following the next half inning, he spoke to a security guard next to the section where the girl was injured. The two ended up in an embrace, with Almora visibly weeping.

Following the game, Almora was still extremely distraught.

Late last night, the Astros released this statement:

ESPN reports an AP photo shows the girl was conscious and crying as she was rushed out of the seating area and up the stairs by a man. Afterward, Sports Talk 790 in Houston tweeted the following message:

According to our sources, the young child was awake, responsive and taken to a local hospital for precautionary reasons. The child is expected to be ok. Thank goodness.

Our prayers are with the girl and her family, and also with Albert Almora, Jr.

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